Perspective showing proposed design of Riley House, Wherwell, United Kingdom (painting by Chris Draper)

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Riley House

Wherwell, UK

The house has been designed to fit in with the local Conservation Area, and as such it draws the inspiration for its design both from the existing timber frame and thatched cottages in the street and also from the plan of a medieval hall house which extensive historical research revealed once occupied the site. Although traditional in appearance the house incorporates innovative building techniques to ensure it meets 21st century standards of living. Thatch buildings have in the past been susceptible to fire however the roof of the new house incorporates a multi layered fireproofing system designed to act as a barrier allowing the thatch to be sacrificial but the structure to be protected. The house draws its energy from its own garden in the form of a ground source heat pump which provides both hot water and underfloor heating. Unlike traditional timber frame buildings the new house is fully insulated and draught proof to modern standards with a continuous outer wall surrounding the hand made green oak frame at its core.